Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naan Kadavul Movie Review (Tamil)|Torrents, Torrent


Naan Kadavul

Naan kadavul movie depicts the harsh realities of life in an excellent manner. The man behind the creation of this fantabulous movie is Mr.Bala who already gave three big hits to the Tamil industry. The movie was under production for the past three years. Mr.Bala has once again secured his image as a splendid movie director by surpassing the expectations of the Tamil film audience.

Plot of the Movie:
A man who believes in astrology leaves his son in Kasi fearing danger to his son's life. The father goes back to Kasi after many years to take his son home. The appearance and attitude of his son shocks the father. The father repents for his decision to leave his son at Kasi. Nevertheless, he takes his son to his home Malaikkovil, a hamlet in south Tamilnadu. Arya is his son.


Arya exhibits a totally indifferent behaviour and believes he is a god and it is his duty to help the hapless people. Arya frees innocent people from the clenches of a nasty gang who forcefully make them beg.

Cast: Arya, Pooja Umashankar,Rajendran,Azhagm Thamizhmani

Music Director: Illaiyaraja

Lyricst: Vaali

Language: Tamil