Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dindugul Sarathy Movie Review (Tamil)|Torrents, Torrent


Dindugul Sarathy

Dindugul Sarathy is a must see comedy movie directed by Sivashanmugan. This movie is a remake of an old super hit malayalam movie. The lead role in the malayalam movie was played by Srinivasan. Charming personalities do not fit well for the lead role and Karunas was chosen for playing this role. Karunas as we all know is a very good actor who can enact excellent comical characters and display heart touching scenes in an effective way.

Plot of the movie:
Sarathy (Karunas) acts a proprietor of a printing press. Sarathy (Karunas) faces severe disappointment in his attempts to get married due to his unattractive looks. Prospective brides reject his proposal citing his dull looks as a reason. Day by day the number of marriage proposal rejections mounted high like the China wall. Sarathy (Karunas) losses hope and get vexed thinking about his future life. Inferiority complex spreads all over his body. Incredibly a lady gives her consent to marry him and she is none other than Karthika. Overwhelmed with the joy of marrying a beautiful lady Sarathy (Karunas) hail praises to the almighty.

Sarathy (Karunas) starts loving Karthika r more than himself. But his inferiority complex invokes suspicion towards his wife. The movie contains very interesting enjoyable scenes. On the whole the movie is a first-class entertainer.


Cast: Karunas, Karthika, M.S.Bhaskar, Saranya, Periyardasan, Shanmugarajeswaran

Music: Dina

Direction: Sivashanmugan