Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hotel for Dogs Movie Review|Torrents, Torrent


Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs augments exuberance not only in the minds of canine lovers but also to every one who watches the movie.

Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) are orphans living with their foster parents. Andi (Emma Roberts) is the eldest and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) is the youngest one.
They had a cute family dog and they fed the dog without the notice of their foster parents. The foster parents came to know about this pet and were strictly against the nurturing of dog.  Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) had to find a different place to grow their dog. They discovered a abandoned hotel and stepped into it. The hotel was sheltering stray dogs. Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) thought of  transforming the abandoned hotel into a canine wonderland. They were able to transition the dream of having a canine wonderland into a reality With the help of Dave (Johnny Simmons) and Heather (Kyla Pratt), two teens who work at the local pet store.Bruce showcased exceptional invention skills and came up with automated feeding system, doggie restrooms, couple of fun amusements etc.

Since this kind of feeding stray dogs are not legally allowed they were always wary of the Animal Control department. Watch the movie to find out "how Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) saved their canine wonderland."

Cast: Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Kyla Pratt, Lisa Kudrow
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Release Date: January 16th, 2009