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Kung Fu Panda

Plot of the Movie
Kung Fu Panda is a refreshing treat to animation movie lovers. One can't just stop adoring the panda, Po. Awesome movie with good visualization.

Flashing across the screen with superb artwork, Kung Fu Panda sets itself apart from the modern domestic animation trend with its sheer beauty. This film is one of the most wonderful animation films Hollywood has produced since the Disney age. The screen is splendidly filled with backgrounds of mountain vistas and fluttering leaves that give Zhang Yimou a run for his money. It makes it all the more funnier to have the panda, Po (voice by Jack Black), coming through the ancient Chinese landscapes.

kung-fu-pandaPo wants to be a kung fu master but is    stuck instead working at the noodle shop run by his father,a tender-hearted goose (voice by James Hong) whose real relationship to Po is left unexplained. Po's village comprising animals like rabbits and pigs, is threatened by the return of the dreaded snow leopard villain Tai Lung (voice by Ian McShane). Fortunately for Po, there's a kung fu temple called the Jade Palace high above the village, where the aging master Oogway has deemed that Po is in fact not a lazy shirker but the Dragon Warrior who will save the village.kung_fu_panda_shifu

Standing at first between Po and his future is not Tai Lung but the star pupils at the Jade Palace, kung fu animal superstars composed of Tigress (voice by Angelina Jolie), Crane (voice by David Cross), Mantis (voice by Seth Rogen), Viper (voice by Lucy Liu), and Monkey (voice by Jackie voice by Chan). Po is trained by master Shifu, a red panda (Dustin Hoffman).Po learns the true meaning of courage particularly after the  merciless Tai Lung shows up.
Po's journey to martial arts is modelled on old Jackie Chan-style films like Drunken Master (the fighting style that Po eventually takes on is actually a variation of that used by Chan), where family unity and service to the community is prized above all.

The fights and jokes keep coming at a good pace. Black's voice for Po is apt and makes him stand out from other animated heroes. Black even gets to utter a trademark phrase: "There is no charge for awesomeness."
More Details
Genre: Animation
Language: English
Director: John Stevenson,Mark Osborne
Released on: 06 June, 2008

Positives of the movie
Stunning and brilliant animation by Dreamworks
Panda,Po, is stunning and adorable.

Too much of martial arts may not go down well with smaller children.