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Plot of the Movie
Padikkathavan could well sound like a remake movie of Superstar 'Rajinikanth.' But then director Suraj has just taken the name for publicity and there is no relationship in the story line.

Radhakrishnan (Dhanush) plays the lead role in the movie, Tamannaah acts as his lover in this movie. The story starts in a typical tamil style whereas the father scolds his son for his lack of concentration in studies. Heeding to the advice of one of friend Dhanush begins his search for a highly educated girl for the purpose of getting married. In his pursuit for such a girl he came across Gayatri(Tamannaah) and falls in love with her.

After an initial yes or no play the love was reciprocated.Their happiness did not last for a long time, Gayatri faced troubles from  gundas of Andra Pradesh and her father rescued her and took her back to their native place in Andhra.Suman acted as the father of Gayathri.


In search of his lady love Dhanush started his journey to Andhra.The rest of the story is all about how Dhanush holds the hands of his lover by outplaying all the hurdles he had to confront.

There is no dearth of entertainment in Padikkadhavan.

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More Details

Cast: Dhanush, Tamannaah, Suman, Atul agnihotri, Vivek, Sayaji Shinde

Music: Mani Sharma

Language: Tamil

Released on 14 January, 2009

Director: Suraaj