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Vettayadu vilayadu Film Review Tamil Torrents, Torrent

Vettaiyadu vilayaduVettayadu vilayadu

Plot of the Movie

Raghavan (Kamal Hassan), a top cop from the Tamil Nadu Police Department is faced with a series of rapes and brutal murders involving those close to him. He travels to New york to find the culprits and brings them to book

More Details

Genre: Romance / Thriller / Action

Language: Tamil/Telugu

Released on Aug 25, 2006

Another directorial venture from the man behind Kaakha kaakha, Gautham menon.

The story revolves around a cop (raghavan) played by Kamal hassan. Kamalini Mukherjee plays the role of kamal’s wife. She dies in an encounter with the local goons.

Kamal hassan and Kamalini Mukherjee

Kamal carries his role charismatically, as usual.

Kamal teams up with an English police officer Anderson to crack down on the murderers in New York. Kamal with his ESP called “Raghavan’s instinct” leads the NY Police to find dead bodies of people who were killed in four different places in the USA. Wow!

Positives from the movie

* Kamal’s portrayal of DCP Raghavan
* Harris Jeyaraj’s Music
* Ravi Verma’s camera
* Song sequence of “Paartha Mudal Naale” with Kamal and Kamalini will keep lingering in the minds of people


* Loose story line
* Non-impressive dialogues
* Too much similarity with Kaakka Kaakha
* Too much of violence
* Too many sub-stories within the main plot

Worth watching to see Kamal Hassan!

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