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Abhiyum Naanum Movie Review|Tamil Torrents, Torrent

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Abhiyum Naanum

Plot of the Movie
The superhit team which made the movie ‘Mozhi’ is back with another lovely story targetted at family audiences. A beautiful family story exploring the father-daughter relationship.

The entire movie is shown as a flashback with Raghuraman (Prakash raj) reminiscing the story to Sudhakar (Prithviraj). The entire movie has been well thought of in terms of the love and affection between a father and daughter. In every stage of Abhi's (Trisha) life, the father does not change the way he thinks about her. It Traces the bonding between a father and a daughter from the time she is born.
Prakash Raj portrays his role so well that one feels he is living through the story. Raghuraman’s wife, Anu, played by Aishwarya supports his character perfectly. Through this movie, Trisha  has given her best performance till date. A must watch movie for the parents who love their daughters but for others it may be just another movie.
Prithviraj has made a very special appearance in this movie.

Positives from the movie
Creditable storyline and realistic characters
Background score is fantastic
Camerawoman preethi has captured the scenic locales of Ooty through her visuals

Unnecessary placement of songs in the second half breaks the flow of the movie.

More Details

Genre: Family
Language: Tamil
Director: Radha Mohan
Cast: Prakash raj, Trisha, Aishwarya
Released on: 19 December, 2008