Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kutti Pisasu Movie Review Tamil - Download Kutti Pisasu Tamil Torrents

Magical films attract more children than non magical movies. The director (Rama Narayanan) of the movie Kutti Pisasu has exploited the weakness of the children towards magic and animals as he has done in the past. But the only difference from the kind of movies Rama Narayanan had directed earlier is that instead of animals he has used a machine in this movie ( a car which can become a transformer and dance to any tunes :-) )

By creating roles for the divine powers Rama Narayanan has captured the attention of theists as well and has been successful in luring them to Kutti Pisasu cinema hall. Winning the hearts of parents and children is not easy for all movie directors except the clever director, Rama Narayanan, of Kutti Pisasu movie.

Moving to the Kutti Pisasu story part..

Kaveri, the wife of Riyaz khan had to face the worst cruelty from her husband. Barbarous Riyaz khan had friendship with a sorcerer. The wicked black magician promises to make Riyaz khan rich very quickly. The sorcerer asks Riyaz to sacrifice his wife Kaveri to gain immense wealth quickly. Kaveri falls prey to the wicked black magician, who sacrifies her to the evil powers. Kaveri's brother also meets death while trying to save his sister. The spirit of Kaveri's brother gets locked inside a car.

Kinathadi Kaali, a great super power, comes to the rescue of Kaveri's brother and releases him from the car. Kaali blesses him to go and take revenge on the perpetrators of the crime. The spirit of Kaveri joins her brother to avenge vengeance.

Kaveri enters the body of Young Keethika.The brother of Kaveri makes the car dance to his tunes in their fight against evil, he also convert the car as a transformer :-). As always good wins against evil and peace is restored.

Awesome graphics in this movie is a treat for the eyes. This movie is a mixture of magic,fun,sentiment divinity and music (by Deva). In totality Kutti Pisasu movie is a great entertainer for all ages.

Why to wait now! Move on to theaters to watch Kutti Pisasu along with your family today!