Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top Controversies of the Decade| Bollywood|Rakhi Sawant Sunny Deol| Torrents, Torrent

British journalist Jessica Hines claimed that her son Jaan Harry Hines is indeed the son of Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan express his shock towards the comments and completely denied the claim made by Jessica.  Jessica Hines gave birth to Jaan Harry in 2003.

The film 'Joe Bole so Nihal' was released on 2005. Sunny deol is the hero of the film surrounded by huge controverises. Sikh community objected the names and couple of scenes in the movies and even went to the extent of attacking the theatres. The ravage concluded in the death of a person and the movie was taken out of theatres.

Rakhi Sawant open heart is very visible to every one particularly the liberty in which she dresses. It seems that Rakhi has well understood the weakness of men, she know that only when she exposes she will get more attention from men. But this time she got more attention than she thought in the from of  flood of kisses in her lips by singer Mika.


Rakhi  became more famous now with the media spreading across the news. She went ahead and filed a case against Mika. Singer Mika inturn told the police that her flirtatious behavior made him uncontrollable and  resulted in stream kissess in the mouth of Rakhi.